Grade 4 Homework
Read a book at independent level for 15-30 minutes every day.
Record the time, title, pages and get a parent or adult to sign your homework diary each day.
When a book is complete, choose 3 activities from your reading contract to do- click on the link below.
external image pdf.png Grade 4 reading Homework Contract.pdf
Mathletics Practice- 30 minutes
Teachers will set the course to align with what is being taught in class.
For practice, there are links to other sites on the math page.
Sometimes a worksheet will be given out to follow up on class work.
Here are the spelling words for this unit.

The vocabulary words will be tested at the end of the U.O.I

Check out Spellodrome on the Mathletics website for extra spelling activities.

Unit of Inquiry (U.O.I)
Current U.O.I Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry will be displayed on the Wiki. Links for useful websites may be displayed.

*At times, a grade level task/ activity may be given.

Homework will not be sent home during Arabic or any other major assessments

Please take some time to read Qatar Academy's Homework Policy.